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April 2018 Summary of Card Association Modifications

  • Effective April 8th, 2018, MasterCard will increase the Acquirer Brand Volume Fees by 0.01% for consumer credit and commercial credit transactions that are less than $1,000 as well as to all debit transactions. Some merchants may see this increase effective with their April 2018 billing statement.

  • Effective April 13th, 2018 Visa will extend the Transaction Integrity Fee to U.S. domestic and interregional Visa credit card purchase transactions. The Transaction Integrity Fee applicable to debit transactions will be the same as the transaction integrity fee applicable to credit transactions.

  • Effective April 2018, Visa will modify select tiers in Table 2 of the Fixed Acquirer Network Fee (FANF) for merchants with a Monthly Gross Sales Volume of greater than $199,999.99 per month. Table 2 is for Customer Not Present, Unattended Terminals, and Fast Food Restaurants merchants. For monthly gross sales volume less than $200,000.00, the FANF fees will remain the same.

  • MasterCard Integrity Fee - The Payment Card Networks have introduced fees for authorizations that are not reversed or settled for the exact transaction amount. In June 2017, MasterCard introduced the new Processing Integrity Fee which is applicable to all merchants. The rates per transaction are as follows and will become effective on all merchant accounts:


  • MasterCard Final Authorization Minimum Data Integrity $0.04

  • MasterCard Undefined Authorization Not Reversed/Cleared $0.045

  • MasterCard Preauthorization Not Reversed/Cleared $0.045

  • MasterCard Final Authorization Base Data Integrity 0.25%


To avoid these additional fees, Card Not Present, Quick Serve Restaurants, Bakeries, and others should not authorize transactions for estimated amounts, but rather should only authorize transactions for the final transaction amount.

All interchange modifications will be passed through beginning with the April billing statement.

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